Vape Ciggy

Sweet tooth by Alpha: Vanilla Gram Cracker

Hard Candy by Buckshot: Tastes just like sweet tarts candy.

Double Tap by Buckshot: A delicious blend of strawberry & dragon fruit

Razzi by Diamond Liquid- Raspberry Cheesecake

Wicked Cream by Diamond Liquid: Creamy Whip Flavor

Lucky Mother Custard by Diamond Liquid: Custard Caramel

Short Circuit by High Voltage: Melon cream with berries
Diode by High Voltage: Creamy orange-peach blend.
Shock Treatment by High Voltage: Pomegranate-apple

Custard matter by Mad Alchemist: one of the smoothest, most delicious vanilla custard

Mother’s Milk by Suicide Bunny : Cream, Strawberry, Milk

Junkie Juice

Wah Ta Melon - A True Watermelon Jolly Rancher Candy

Trance - Raspberry Inhale Peach Midtone Black Tea Finish!

Nitrous - Candy Trifecta! of Skittles/Starburst/LaffyTaffy

Ether - Strawberry Creamsicle

Dulce Premium Vapor
Café Macchiato        Melon Bomb
Strawberry Cream        Vanilla Custard
Tropical Smoothie    Strawberry Cheesecake
Key Lime Pie     Honey Tobacco
Orchard Blend       Honey Buns

Jet Fuel
Pappi Churro: Cinnamon Churro
Sour Spectrum: Sweet Sour Gummy worms
Watermelon Sunday: Watermelon mint

Are why for: Sweet and smooth caramel tobacco
Sparks: winter green candy.
Whatchamacallitobacco: A smooth chocolate and tobacco flavor.

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